Signs that shows when to quit your job. 

11 Signs That Shows When to Quit Your Job 

Life’s too short to go home every day feeling unfulfilled. Life’s too short to work for a terrible boss. Life’s too short to go home every day feeling taken for granted, feeling taken less than seriously, or feeling taken advantage of.

You shouldn’t be working for the sake of work rather you should work so as to have inner joy and satisfaction

Work is really fun and it’s expected that we enjoy it to the fullest. Therefore, when you find yourself in a work environment that doesn’t gives you satisfaction and fulfillment, it implies that you have to move on. 

So here are some signs that will show that it’s time to quit your job and move on. 

1. When your ideas are constantly being ignored. 

Everyone has ideas. And everyone loves when his or her ideas are taken seriously–and implemented. The feeling that you’ve contributed in a special way is incredibly gratifying.

But when your boss or company shoots down or even laughs at your ideas, it’s not only insulting, it’s demotivating. 

2. When no one shares your aspirations. 

Countless companies were started by two or more people who at one time worked together and realized they had complementary skills–and realized they wanted to carve out a new future together.

If you plan to be an entrepreneur, working for a big company first is one of the best things you can do: It’s a risk-free environment where you can meet future colleagues and co-founders. Pick a dozen companies at random and you’ll find at least a few that were founded by aspiring entrepreneurs who met as co-workers and went on to launch an awesome business together.

3. When your personal goals are not in harmony with the goals of your employer. 

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People don’t stay put in a job for as long as they can stand it anymore, former GE CEO Jack Welch and Suzy Welch, a best-selling author and business journalist, wrote in a LinkedIn post. These days, people consider whether they are investing their time at the right or wrong company.

As Business Insider previously reported, the Welches suggest asking yourself if your company “jibes with your life’s goals and values.” “Does it require you to travel more than you’d like, given your chosen work-life balance? Does it offer enough upward mobility, given your level of ambition?” they say.

How you answer these questions could signal whether it’s time to move on. 

4. When you’ve got some trust related issues. 

If you don’t trust your boss or company because you believe they engage in unethical activities, or worse, expect you to partake, you know it’s time to go, Taylor says.

“You should never feel pressured to comply with activities that could hurt your career,” she says. “And if you’ve lost trust in your boss, due to anything from lying to false promises, it’s hard to stay put.”

5. When you hate Mondays.

“We all get a case of the Mondays from time to time, but if even thinking about your job fills you with dread, it’s probably time to leave,” Bradberry writes.

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While the “Sunday night blues” are quite common, one of the biggest signs you’re burnt out at work, according toburnout specialist Ben Fanning, is when your weekend feels more like a liberation and you deeply fear your return to work.

“You know you’re really stressed when you truly feel like you’ve been freed when the weekend rolls around,” he says.

6. When your skills aren’t being utilized. 

We all know that sometimes you have to take whatever you can get, stick it out for a while and, hopefully, prove to your boss that you’re capable of managing more responsibilities.

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But if you’ve been doing this awhile, and you’re still stuck in a position that doesn’t allow you to utilize your skills, then it’s time to start considering other options, Taylor says.

7. When you don’t have time for yourself. 

If you’re working so many late nights you don’t feel like a person anymore, leave your job and find one that allows you to have time for yourself. What’s the point of making a living if you don’t have time to actually live?

8. When you are working without passion. 

Have said it earlier that work is fun , therefore you have to enjoy it. 

There’s nothing more draining than a job that has nothing to do with your ultimate goals or personal interests. Regardless of what you’re being paid, you’ll never fully enjoy your life or reach your full potential if you’re saddled with so much apathy – it will eventually spill into other areas of your life and dim those as well.

9. When you aren’t learning anymore. 

Not all organizations are able to help you learn and grow constantly. It’s mostly our responsibility to improve ourselves. If you find yourself in an organization that doesn’t create room for learning , ten it’s really time tomove on. Everyday is an opportunity for advancement in life. If your present job doesn’t provide such , then you will have yourself to blame if you remain in such organization. 

10. When your efforts are not appreciated. 

Everyone also needs praise. We all need to know when we do something well (and everyone, even a poor performer, does some things well).

Life’s too short not to be recognized for the contributions you make. When your works are not appreciated, it’s an indirect signal that your presence it no longer needed. Therefore you need to take a bow and move on with your life. 

11. When you are constantly criticized publicly. 

We all need constructive feedback. We all need a little nudge. We all need to be told when we can do something better-and how to do it better.

But we need to be told those things in private. Staying in such an environment of constant critism would become demotivating and frustrating, which would in turn affect the quality of your life. 

Life’s too short to walk around waiting for the next time you’ll be criticized–and even humiliated–in front of other people. 

 an opportunity for us to make changes that will affect us for the rest of our lives. If your gut instipotenti



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