Interview tips

Practical guide on how to be successful in any interview

Interview tips

An interview for a job is your showcase for merchandising your talents. During the interview an employer judges you from various aspects, which includes your qualifications, appearance, and general fitness for the job opening. It is your opportunity to convince the employer that you can make a real contribution.

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Also , interview for a job, gives you a chance to appraise the job, the employer, and the firm. It enables you to decide if the job meets your career needs and interests and whether the employer is of the type you want to work for.

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The following interview tips would help in sharping your interview skills so as to have an edge in the interview process.

Job Interview tips

1. Pay attention

Interviewers in many instances give out information directly or indirectly. If you are not paying attention, you may miss a huge opportunity. Even if you are not offered a job, your ability to pay attention would give you an opportunity to improve in subsequent interviews. Your ability to communicate effectively implies listening and letting the interviewer know that you are on the same page with him or her.

2. Use the right language

It is necessary you use professional language during interview. Every profession have their unique language , and your ability to to use it successfully during an interview gives you an edge. For instance, if you are applying for a job in the banking sector, it’s important to be acquainted with banking terminologies. Also, you must avoid using inappropriate slangs or words relating to age, sex , religion, political or sexual orientation.

3. Answer questions

You should try to give answers to all questions that the interviewer may ask. Also when answering questions, try to highlight your achievements that are related to such question.

4. Ask questions

When ever you are not clear about any issue , do not hesitate to ask questions for clarification. Also ask for additional information concerning any question that may be asked.

5. Talk less

The rule here is that you should only talk when necessary. Be straight to the point and avoid using unnecessary words.

5. Show Confidence

Exercing Confidence is critical to your success in any interview. You must never allow your interviewer to feel that you are desperate for the job. Be calm and cool during the interview and express your thoughts clearly. Make the interviewer to know the benefit of having your services and the consequences of not having you.

6. Research

Before going for the interview, make research about your prospective interviewer or employer and the organization in general in order to have all necessary information at your finger tips. Also, you need to know how to use this information during the process.

7. Body language

Your body language is just as important as your verbal communication skills. Having an attractive personality is not limited to your dressing or how you speak , but also your body language. How you walk , sit , eat or interaction with others etc tells so much about you. Therefore, it is necessary that you put up a body language that matches your personality. Have a relaxed posture , walk upright and sit in a relaxed manner. Also try to make an eye contact when speaking etc.

8. Dress appropriately

Your personality is not all about dressing , but the way you dress really matters. Dress up in a decent manner. Be professional and avoid flashy colors. Wear neatly ironed and unstained clothes. Dress according to the environment of your workplace

9. Be early

It’s also advisable that you arrive thirty minutes earlier to the interview so as to free yourself from unnecessary pressure and and also to get acquainted with the environment.

10. Practice

Finally. Practice a day to the interview all that you have been told and other necessary information that could be of help to you.

These are the necessary job interview tips that you need to know before going out for any interview. With these tips your interview skills have been sharpen and you now have a strong support to your resume .



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