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Brian Tracy quotes

35 Powerful Quotes From Brian Tracy. 
Brian Tracy is Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International, a company specializing in the training and development of individuals and organizations.

Brian Tracy has consulted for more than 1,000 companies and addressed more than 5,000,000 people in 5,000 talks and seminars throughout the US, Canada and 70 other countries worldwide. As a Keynote speaker and seminar leader, he addresses more than 250,000 people each year.

He has studied, researched, written and spoken for 30 years in the fields of economics, history, business, philosophy and psychology. He is the top selling author of over 70 books that have been translated into dozens of languages.

He has written and produced more than 300 audio and video learning programs, including the worldwide, best-selling Psychology of Achievement, which has been translated into more than 28 languages.

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He speaks to corporate and public audiences on the subjects of Personal and Professional Development, including the executives and staff of many of America’s largest corporations. His exciting talks and seminars on Leadership, Selling, Self-Esteem, Goals, Strategy, Creativity and Success Psychology bring about immediate changes and long-term results.
The following are the powerful quotes of Brian Tracy.


1. If you wish to achieve worthwhile things in your personal and career life, you must become a worthwhile person in your own self-development.

2. The happiest people in the world are those who feel absolutely terrific about themselves, and this is the natural outgrowth of accepting total responsibility for every part of their life.

3. The key to success is to focus our conscious mind on things we desire not things we fear.

4. I’ve found that luck is quite predictable. If you want more luck, take more chances. Be more active. Show up more often.

5. No one lives long enough to learn everything they need to learn starting from scratch. To be successful, we absolutely, positively have to find people who
have already paid the price to learn the things that we need to learn to achieve
our goals.

6. The more credit you give away, the more will come back to you. The more you
help others, the more they will want to help you.

7. Whatever you believe with feeling becomes your reality.

8. It doesn’t matter where you are coming from. All that matters is where you are

9. Never complain, never explain. Resist the temptation to defend yourself or make excuses.

10. Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, “What’s in it for me?

11. Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement.

12. Your most vauluable asset can be your willingness to persist longer than anyone else.

13. Always give without remembering and always receive without forgetting.

14. Never say anything about yourself you don’t want to come true.

15. The price of success must be paid in full, in advance.

16. Everyone procrastinates. The difference between high performers and low performers is largely determined by what they choose to procrastinate on.

17. Dream big dreams! Imagine that you have no limitations and then decide what’s right before you decide what’s possible. 

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18. Make your life a masterpiece; imagine no limitations on what you can be, have or do.

19. If you don’t set goals for yourself, you are doomed to achieve the goals of someone else.

20. Life is like a combination lock; your job is to find the numbers, in the right orders, so you can have anything you want.

21. The sad fact is that people are poor because they have not yet decided to be rich. People are overweight and unfit because they have not yet decided to be thin and fit. People are inefficient time wasters because they haven’t yet decided to be highly productive in everything they do.

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22. The success you are enjoying today is the result of the price you have paid in the past.

23. You have to put in many, many, many tiny efforts that nobody sees or appreciates before you achieve anything worthwhile.

24. The future belongs to the competent. It belongs to those who are very, very good at what they do. It does not belong to the well-meaning.

25. Discipline is what you must have to resist the lure of excuses.

26. Success in life is in direct proportion to what you do after you do what you are expected to do.

27. Almost all stress, tension, anxiety, and frustration, both in life and in work, comes from doing one thing while you believe and value something completely different.

28. You are fully responsible for everything you are, everything you have and everything you become.”

29. Any goal can be achieved if you break it down into enough small parts.

30. Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.

31. Your mind is designed in such a way that you cannot have an idea on the one hand without also having the ability to bring that idea into reality on the other. The very existence of an idea in your conscious mind means that you have within you and around you the capacity to turn it into reality. The only question you have to answer is, How badly do you want it?

32. What one skill, if I developed and did it in an excellent fashion, would have the greatest positive impact on my career?

33. To be truly happy and fulfilled, you must be working toward accomplishing something that is bigger than yourself, and that makes a difference in the life or work of others.

34. Sometimes we need to let go of things in our lives to make room for better things. Stress less and live more. Don’t waste your energy, when you have the choice to be happy.

35. Teamwork is so important that it is virtually impossible for you to reach the heights of your capabilities or make the money that you want without becoming very good at it.

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