Your happiness is so valuable that it shouldn’t be left in the hands of orders or external circumstances. 


Misconceptions about happiness. 
Many people are concentrating their energies to outward circumstances, situations and events in order to be happy. Some even rely on alcoholic substances whenever they fill depressed. 


I would love to announce to you that if you continue to allow outward circumstances , situations and events to determine your happiness, you will always be disappointed. 

          Happiness is a choice. 

Happiness is a choice and you are the one to descide whether to be happy or not. Therefore, it’s time to stop waiting for people to be the source of your happiness. It’s time to stop waiting for a better day to be happy. 


You are the source and sole determinant of your own happiness. Happiness is something you create in your own life. Also, it’s something you need to be proactive about every single day. 

    Happiness as an inner game. 

You have to start manifesting happiness in your mind and also make it your responsibility to find love, joy and happiness in your own heart and deep within your soul in order to make it appear in other areas of your life. 

No one else can make you happy. Your happiness is like a bank account. It’s what you’ve deposited overtime that you can withdraw. The more happiness you deposit in your happiness bank, the more of it you can withdraw. 

The quality of your happiness determines the the quality of your life. The lower the quality of your happiness, the lower the quality of your life. So it’s your choice to descide whether to be happy or not. 

Don’t allow external factors to determine how you feel or the level of your happiness. Every new day is an opportunity to emit much happiness amongst people around you. 

Be the light you were meant to be and shine your light brightly to the world so as for others to share in your joy and happiness. 

     Be a champion of happiness. 

From now on separate Yourself from those in search of happiness because it’s already dwells within you. Start digging deep into the mine of your happiness and shine it out to all those around you. 

I want to encourage you to be brave enough to share your happiness in a world that has lost touch of the great powers within to change any kind of situation and circumstances. 

Finally, nature has placed before you happiness and sadness. I wish to encourage you to choose happiness so as to live a much more enriched, fullfilled and exciting life. 


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