The game of football is filled with some life lessons that if applied can change your life

Success lessons from football

Lionel Messi

The game of football has been regarded as a major uniting factor all over the world . It draws it fellowership from various people, irrespective of age, sex or even religion. In fact i dont think it would be out of place to state that football is growing into another form of religion.
From an economic perspective, it has contributed greatly to the economy of many developed and developing nations.

The purpose of this article is to take a critical look at the factors responsible for the uniqueness of the game of football all over the world. Many of us watch the this game and we are trilled with the excitement , passion and emotions that it brings to us.


How many have realized that if we apply those principles that govern the game of football in life ,we would be astounded by our results and acheivements in life. One way to discover this truth is by asking, what makes football so unique? Why are people so passionate about the game? Exposing you to this secrets is the purpose of this write up.

Success lessons from football  

1. Consistent practice

Have we really asked why footballers train for weeks and even months , just for a performance of about ninety minutes ? They are highly committed to reguler training until they are able to get what they want. So also it is in our personal and business life, we must be committed to constant and endless improvement of our skills so as to remain competitive and relevant or we will be relegated in the game of life.

2. Strategy 

The game of football is filled with many strategies. Successful teams have in their arsenals various strategies and they know when to apply each at any point in time. It is the team that uses the right strategy combinations that in most instances win the game. The question now is , what is your strategy in the game of life  ? If you dont have one , its not too late, start immediately to formulate a strategy or you will remain a looser for ever.

3. Persistence

This is one quality you cant take away from the game of football. It further reminds me  of my team mates in school, when anyone  becomes exhausted during training , what you will hear next  is the word “Nobody dies”. Also, teams never give up in any game until the final whistle is blown, no matter how many goals is needed. In fact the slogan of the game is that ” it is not over until ii is over”.


You must learn to persist until you succeed in the battle of life . Your ability to succeed in the face of  challenges is the single most valuable quality that you must develop in order to excel. Remember, nothing can withstand a man who is willing to stake even his own existence for his stated goal.

4. Playing according to  rules

When you are on the pitch of play , your opinion on who is right or wrong dont count. All players are expected to play according to stated rules or risk dismissal from the field of play.  The most successful people are those who constantly play according to the rules of life. Everything you can ever imagined are govern by rules and principles. Violating such rule is the major cause of failure in life.

5. Team spirit

Every team is a collection of talented individual with a clearly defined role and responsibility. When it comes to team success, it is expected that individuals function as a unified entity. The ability to be a good team player is vital for success in any endevour in life.

6. Focus

The focus of every football team is to score as many goals as possible in order to win a match. Loosing focus on the main thing is fatal to success . There are many things that needs to be done ,but they are all focused towards winning every game. Never allow the challenges you encounter daily to make you lose focus of your life goal.

7. Learning from defeats 
The game of football is that of winning and defeats. Implying that you dont win all the time. Whenever a team lose a game , they dont dwell so much on it rather they go back to the drawing board and come back stronger. Success generally is a poor teacher, while failure exposes us to facts and insights lying under routine  experiences. Therefore, never allow the fear of failure to rob you of the opportunity to enhance your growth potential.

Thank you for reading through. Watch out for the next post.


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