The greatest asset within your possession is your mind.Like any other asset , if not properly maintained, it would reduce in value. For you to get the best out of it is through  a strong commitment to improvement of your skills and competence. Continuous improvement is necessary, if you want to remain relevant and successful.

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Knowledge is a critical factor that determines our ability to live in abundance or lack. Persanal development expand our mind and gives us newer perspectives about things around us.

The 3 percent rule 

Robert kiyosaki gave a powerful advice when he said that “here is a rule that will guarantee your success-and possibly make you rich:Invest 3 percent of your income back into yourself. “This advice can be helpful to all , whether you are a business owner or an employee. On his own part , James Attucher of the Financial Times states that ” the only real way to triple your money is to invest in yourself.

How to invest in yourself

There are many ways you can invest in yourself, but the following ways are highly recommended.

Firstly, you must regularly invest in self improvement books . Not just investing in books, but also read them. You have to constantly read as many books as possible that are relevant to your field of specialty and books that would broaden your perspective about life. Remember, leaders are always readers. Therefore, commit yourself to read daily, even if its a sentence as that can be a turning point in your life.

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Secondly, you must regularly attend seminars, conferences and workshops. These gives you the opportunity to follow up with trends in your field of endeavour and also acquire new skills and knowledge that would enhance your growth. It’s also a rare opportunity to network with like minded individuals and successful people who can enhance your personal growth.

Thirdly, always listen to motivational audios and CDs . This would help to clear your minds from all forms of negative and create a mental consciousness of possibilities. Also, watch educational business programs such as “the apprentice” and many more that would give you practical knowledge about business and life in general.

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Finally, the bottom line is, you must be teachable and coachable at all times. Implying, you must be willing to learn and also willing to accept change. You must also learn from those who have gotten what you want. All these are practical self-improvement techniques that would dramatically change your life.

The future belongs to the competent. It belongs to those who are able to find creative and practical solutions to issues. This can be achieved by having a strong commitment to self-development.

Self-improvement is much more valuable to our formal education, because it teaches us what we would never be thought in our formal educational system, which we all know has failed us. On his own part, Isaac Asimov states that,  “self education is, I firmly believe,the only kind of there is. ”

Am not in any way kicking against formal education. It is something that we need to build a strong foundation. But the fact is that many are stuck in the foundation throughout their lives. For you to make any advancement, you much invest in self-improvement.

There are many who James Allen referred to as being “anxious to improve their own lives , but are unwilling to improve themselves .They therefore remain bound. ”

Life is a game, for you to win you must think outside of the box. You must be committed to constant improvement of your skills .You must always seek to improve so as to be equip to pursue your dreams.

The Proverbs declared that “through wisdom is an house builded ; and by understanding is established. And by knowledge shall the chamber be filled with all precious ad pleasant riches. ”

Be addicted to self-improvement. Look for all possible means to be better than yesterday. Create a niche for your life. With time,  you will become unstoppable and a force to reckon in life.



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