Top 5 magic ways to reply those who said you can't achieve your dreams

We are all surrounded by negative people, places and circumstance. Those who will constantly tell you that you can’t achieve your dreams and aspirations in life.

As a result living your ideals becomes a challenge.

Many authors and renowned motivation experts have even advised that we should stay far away from negative people at all cost.

But with the level of human interaction and connections avoiding such people and circumstances becomes a challenge.

One major way you should use to shield yourself from people who always say that you can’t achieve your dreams and aspirations is through the development of some reinforcing statements that are so glaring to all why we must keeping towards our dreams and aspirations in life. 

I have compiled 10 effective ways you can reply anyone who tries to tell you that you can’t achieve your dreams.

1. If anyone can do it, then you  can. 

See,   you must believe in the power of your dreams! No matter what you are going through…know that you have the power not to just survive…you can thrive and live your best life ever! You have GREATNESS within you! Whenever you are told that you can’t achieve your dreams,remind them that whatever anyone has done in the past, you have the capacity to do same.

Do not underestimate yourself. You are capable of more than you can ever imagine. When life presses in on you the hardest, that is when your breakthrough is near. Press on. Do not stop to think about the work you have to do. Just put yourself on auto-pilot.

Hold yourself to a higher standard daily. Your family, friends and co-workers may look for ways to play the “devils advocate”, but you must keep reminding them that you are able to lift the vibration in every room you enter. Treat yourself to a higher belief system.

Trust your abilities.  Greatness is in your DNA. God don’t make junk. Each day you have a new chance to develop new ideas, reach for new goals and conquer new mountains.

Chase down your dream like it is the last bus of the night. Go get it! You have something special. You have Greatness within you.

2. The possible was once impossible. 

When you take a look around your environment, you would see many things that people said were impossible some years back but today they are all part of our realities. 

From the Airplane to the light bulbs , the story is the same. Many would even stake their existence to drive home their conviction about the impossibility of some things but they’ve all been disappointed.

Many people people are just out to tell you why you can’t achieve your dream,but don’t give attention to them.

Nothing is impossible in life. The word ” impossible “even States that ” I’m possible “. That alone settles the issue.

3. Failure is only an opportunity to learn. 

It has been stated that success is a poor teacher. Whenever you become successful you are likely to be carried away by the celebration of your achievements.

It’s only when you fail that you will be humbled to learn. Failure is only a signal that you need to make improvement in some areas of your life. Therefore never be afraid to fail or feel bad when you fail.

For you to be more successful then you have to double your failure rate. Because you need to fail more in order to succeed. Failure doesn’t mean you can’t achieve your dreams or aspirations,but it’s an opportunity to make amends.

4. You control your Destiny . 

So much pain, frustration and anguish in our lives comes from within and our inability to truly accept ourselves and love ourselves for who we truly are.

The greatest investment you can ever make is learning to love yourself and to also understand that you are the one to descide what happen to your life. The foundation of true fulfilment, success and happiness is built upon your ability to take charge of what happens in your life and you are the only one who can make that investment.

It’s easy not to see your true beauty and uniqueness in a world that is designed to constantly make you feel inadequate but you’ve got to be strong within and know your worth and know that you are truly special and have something beautiful to share with the world. Whatever anyone says you can’t achieve is at your grasp.

5. My life depends on my dreams. 

Remember, nothing can defeat a man who is willing to stake even his own existence for his stated goals.

Make everyone to realize that you are in a battle to save your life from he tyranny of mediocrity.

Make them realise that today is all you have and this is the only opportunity you have to make a difference. Make your dreams looks life to be a delinma between death and your dreams. And that since you are afraid of death, your dreams are the only option for escape.



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