These barriers   may be holding you from achieving your dreams 

5 Major Barriers To Achieving Your Dreams And How To Overcome Them

The human mind is a masterpiece of evolution. Not only because of its intelligence but even more so due to the ability of its owners to rewire themselves through conscious discipline.

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Despite our predisposition (genetic, environmental or otherwise) the human brain has what’s called amazing plasticity.

But it’s really sad to realise that many of us have relegated the potency  of their capacity of their mind to create the life of their dreams. 

This is done through the expression of some behaviours act as roadblocks to our success in life. 

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Here are the common behaviors that act as impediments and obstacles to our success and happiness in life. 

1. Complaining. 

Complaining is not only futile but it also comes with negative consequences for your self-esteem, confidence, your mental, emotional, and physical well being.

As Jessica Stillman wrote in a previous article, Complaining Rewires Your Brain For Negativity, regular complaining actually causes your brain to feed on negativity and to become addicted to it.

Complaining about situations and events will not create any changes , rather it will keep you in a state of anger and frustration. Instead of complaining about things, look for a way to offer creative solutions. 

2. Blaming. 

Once you establish a steady diet of complaints the natural progression is to go on to blaming–everyone and everything other than yourself. 

You must learn to take responsibility for things in your life. You are the one to decide the kind of results you want in your life. Therefore stop looking in the without and start looking within for the cause of your problems. 

3. Avoiding. 

Rather than be ruled by the behavior of avoidance what if you regarded the fear of what you are trying to avoid as a compass setting for what you need to overcome?


When I look at my own life it is those things that I was once most fearful of, which, when overcome and ultimately mastered, were the greatest contributors to my success and happiness. Funny how that works!

Avoiding your problems does not take them away . You only succeeded in postpone the pains to later date. Face your challenges with courage and you will conquer . 

4. Denying. 

 Living in the state of denial is perhaps the sorriest place of all to take up residence because now the thing you most need to overcome has become invisible to you.

Accept your present conditions as products of your thoughts and start cultivating the right thoughts that will give you your desired results. 

5. Regretting. 

You must realise that mistakes are part of life. In fact we learn much more easier by learning from our mistakes. Rather than showing regrets for your past deeds and actions , start asking yourself: What did i do wrong? If am given such opportunity again how can it be improved upon? 

Start seeing your mistakes in the past as a creative problem solving method. Because you successfully discovered a method that won’t worknout. 

In other words, if you tried but have not yet succeed then congratulate yourself for having the courage to try — thereby extinguishing the word regret from your vocabulary.




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