A burning desire to succeed is a critical factor for your success. 

How To Create A Burning Desire For Success
The process of deciding your purpose in life and what you want can be tasking and can take many months and even years of refining as you get to know yourself better and explore the possibilities of life. 
But once you reach a point where you know what you want out of life, you need to burn your bridges. You must let go of all other options and pursue exactly what you truly want. The point is that you must have a burning desire for your dream by holding unto it as if your life solely depend on it.
       Persist until you succeed

Do not say “I will try to be a great singer and if that fails then I will try teaching.” Such light hearted decisions rarely bear lasting fruit. Decide to be a singer, if that’s your passion in life, and stick to it with a burning desire for for success . Having options makes you lazy , unfocused and undetermined.

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For instance, one area where people make the mistake of thinking they have options is in marriage. They marry someone and after some time think that if things don’t work out they could always get a divorce and find someone “more suitable.” The result is inevitably that their marriage fails, not so much because they couldn’t make it work or they had “irreconcilable differences,” but because they still had options. They did not burn their bridges, and rather than creating a burning desire to succeed in their marriage ,  they took the easy way out and went for the next option.

Marriage is not the only place where people leave themselves with options. There are millions of people around the world who have settled for second best. They have settled for the safest options in their lives. Yes, they may not be truly happy and fulfilled, but they are surviving, some in grand style. The trouble is that deep down they know that they have settled for less than what they truly want. There is that nagging voice in the back of their minds saying “you could have done far better.” That voice often carries the truth of our purpose in life.” When our lives and our deepest desires are not in harmony we often know it.

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              know what you want

Creating that harmony starts with knowing exactly what you want out of life. Design the life you want in your mind. Be sure of it. Then discard all other options. It is either you will have that life or you will not live . Do not settle for anything less. It may become necessary to change the route to your destination ,but never change your destination.

            Move one step at a time

Don’t burn your bridges before you’ve crossed them. Burning your bridges does not mean dropping everything at once in the pursuit of your dreams. Dreams have to be worked out intelligently. One step at a time does it. Plan ,set goals and targets. Work consistently but patiently. Know how you will get by on the way to achieving your dreams. The important thing is that you never lose sight of your dreams and never give up on them.

Finally , you must have faith in God and believe that He will supply you with all you need so long as you give your best.Believe in yourself that you will prevail and achieve your dreams. Burn down your bridges and move boldly towards your dreams. According to Mohammed Ali “He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life”.



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