Failures:How to convert failure to success

  • Understanding why failure is an ingredient to success
  • Embracing your failure with pride
  • How to minimize the damaging effect of failure





failure is a path to success
Success and Failure Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.     


Failures are necessary for success

Once we achieve our goals , it becomes clear that our success are built on  foundations of past failures and short comings.

We must have the courage to face our fears , limiting beliefs and grow beyond them so as to enjoy great achievement. 

Courage supports us to relax and persist with efforts until we succeed. It is our attitude that determines our ability to maintain effective efforts.

Therefore, we will gain less if we do not let go of fears and negative thouht patterns – how can we maintain a powerful attitude?

One way to effectively defeat our fears is by confronting it daily.  You must Become aware of them,  release them and move with confidence.

Every success story that exists demonstrates the truth that when we   face our fears and  most resisted emotions with courage  – we are sure of breakthrough.

Remember failures are not meant to hunt you, but it’s a catalyst to greater performance and unlimited achievement. Thus, you should accept it with happiness.

Our fear of failure is the greatest enemy we must conquer. For you to be guaranteed of maximum achivement , just double your failure rate and learn practical lessons from each. Then you can be sure to be catapulted into the rank of top achievers in your field.

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Michael Onyemah

Thanks so much for this article. It really made sense to me. I now know that there is no good success without initial failure. At a point in my company – Eventnews Africa, I had a bunch of failure before the current level of success. Thanks once again. I would love to check back on this site for more insightful articles. My company Eventnews Africa is an online news platform that focuses on event promotion, event broadcast, live event streaming and high profiled event coverage. You can visit us at

Carl D'Agostino

I have had success and failure in my life. I ran for office several times in the 1980’s and knew I could not win. But many people believed in me, I was in the arena, learned and became polished in my abilities and presentations. I lost but subsequent administrations incorporated all the policies I proposed in my platform. I lost but I think I succeeded. You do not have to be a big shot to work for a better world.


They are wonderful quotes.i really need more of them to use for my life and biz,and to share to others.God bless u.pls,post more.its great

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