Healthy  Habits Every Parent Should Teach Their kids. 

12 Habits Every Parents Should Teach Their Kids

Every parents wants the best for their kids. Parents are working hard daily , all in a bid to see their kids grow up to become successful adults. For this dream to be achieved, their are some essential skills , habits and lessons every parents must teach their children. Funny enough , our educational system can not be relied upon to teach these skills. No matter the quality of school you send your children to, they would still be deprived from learning some essential life lessons. Here are some of the basic essential skills parents must teach their children, if they want their kids to grow into responsible adult. 

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12 Things every parents must teach their kids. 

1. Habit of saving

This is really an essential lesson that every parents should teach their kids. It is very necessary because we are living in a spending driven society , where we are used to spending all that we earn. As adults we spend unnecessarily on things that attracts our attention. So many can not boast of any personal savings at their retirement age. These habit was nurtured in us from childhood and we moved with it into our adulthood. For this not to continue, we must inculcate into our kids the habit of saving a portion of every amount in their possession.

2. The habit of reading

This is one important habit that is dying at a very alarming pace in our society. For any one to be successful, you must be a voracious reader. Remember this saying , “leaders are readers”. Kids must be taught to read books that would enhance their mental development and develope them into better adults.Parents should make their kids to read for them always. This was how my dad taught me how to read. Initially I thought he was bothering me, but today I now see the benefits.  It would also be advised that parents should register their kids with a sound reading club in order to achieve this goal.

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3. Gratitude

Parents need to teach their children to say “thank you” whenever they receive any form of help from someone. Gratitude is an indirect way of saying that you need more of what you’ve been given. It’s a powerful habit that can unlock doors of opportunities for us in the future.

4. Responsible relationship

Parents should be aware that evil communications corrupt good manners. Therefore, it is important for them to teach their kids to only associate and make friends with only those kids from responsible background and unquestionable character. Parents are also advice to monitor the kind of friends their children associate with and advice rightly. It has rightly been stated that, five years from now your income is the average of your five best friend. So they should only make friends with people who are willing to advance in life.

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5. Service and being of help to others

It’s very necessary that parents teach their children to always render selfless service . Being of help to visitors without the expectation of anything in return. Going out of their ways to be of help to those in need of their services. Your success in life will to a large extent be depend on the quality of your service to others.

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6. Skills acquisition

This is something that cannot be overemphasized. Your ability to succeed in this present era is a function of what you can offer. Parents should encourage their children to acquire multiple of skills that would enhanced their marketability in the future.

7. Respect and obedience

Kids should be taught to obey constituted authorities. They should respect their elderly ones . Learning to say “good morning” or “good afternoon”  are part of being respectful. Also, they should be taught to respect the opinions and views of others.

8. Habit of selling

I know many will be surprised about this. But the fact is that selling is an essential skill every human must possess. Selling is far beyond the exchange of physical goods for money. Whether you are an employee or an employer, we are all into sales. Daily, we sell our skills and abilities , unknown to us. Parents must teach there children how to master the act of selling. How to sell their skills, values and qualities to others.

9. Self-confidence

Kids should be taught to believe in themselves. To fearlessly express their thoughts and opinions at all times. They should also be taught to believe in their abilities and potentials. Parents should let their kids know that they have unlimited potentials to have, be or do whatever they wish in life.

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10. Habit of sharing

Parents should teach their kids to always share things with the less privileged. They should never be selfish in any way. Make them to realize that it’s good to be good. Make them understand that the more you give, the more you always.

11. Always ask for help

Sometimes we think that asking for help is a sign of incompetence or weakness. But the reverse is just the case. We need to teach our kids to learn how to ask for help, because it is  a mark of  intelligent. It saves us much time and resources compared to when we descide to do depend on our knowledge.

12. Learn from mistakes and failures

This is a major aspect in which our educational system has done great deservice to our society .We are severely punished for our mistakes and failures .On the contrary, there are many instances to prove the fact that we learn and advance faster , when we make more mistakes and learn from them. Successful people are those who have made the highest mistakes and they learn from those mistakes so as to advance.For instance, Thomas Edison made thousands of mistakes before he was able to perfect the incandescent bulb.Encouraging kids not to be frustrated by mistakes and failures.Rather, each failure should be  a successful discovery of a way that won’t work .

Finally, I would wish to conclude by stating that you should train up a child in the way he should grow and when he is old , he will never depart from it.

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