Becoming rich is a necessity for all those who which to give more expression of the beauty of nature.

Why Becoming Rich Is A Necessity For All
We all admire people that are wealthy and almost everyone wishes to become rich, it is surprising that many are shying away from openly expressing such desire because they don’t realise that becoming rich is a necessity for all . Majority of people, if asked whether they want to be rich, will say something to the effect that they do not want to be rich, but simply want to be “comfortable.” They fail to realise that , for you to be really comfortable you have to get rich. Only a minority would comfortably say they want to be rich.

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    Misconceptions about wealth
There are several reasons for this. The strongest is that from a cultural and misled “Christian” perspective, becoming rich is seen as being equal to greed and gluttony.Also , there has been a long tradition of teaching being held , that  rich people cannot please God and cannot enter into heaven for one reason or another.

Poverty has been erroneously substituted for humility and spirituality. The often misquoted phrase “money is the root of all evil” comes to mind, when in fact the correct quote should be that “the love of money is the root of all evil.”

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      The reality you must accept
But, as Wallace D. Wattle observed in his book The Science of Getting Rich, “You must get rid of the last vestige of the old idea that there is a Deity whose will it is that you should be poor, or whose purposes may be served by keeping you in poverty…It is the desire of God that you should get rich.

You must understand that becoming rich is a necessity, in the sense that God can much more express Himself better through you if you have plenty of things to use in giving him expression. He can live more in you if you have unlimited command of the means of life.”

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Love is fully expressed through riches
Wattle, in this very enlightening classic, explains that to live fully a man must love and “love is denied expression by poverty.” The reason for this is that love finds it’s most natural expression in giving and in order to give to those we love we must have all the necessities and luxuries of life at our disposal.

Besides, how can you hope to help the poor and needy if you yourself are in their shoes? Get rich; that is the best way you can help the poor.

           The monster called fear
nother reason people keep their desire to get rich secret is that they are afraid and in fear. They are afraid that they might fail to attain the wealth they desire and they doubt their ability to acquire that wealth. It seems far safer not to express the desire, lest someone should know about it and their shortcomings become evident if they fail.

Because of this they choose to hide or suppress the desire and behave like they are content to just get by and be comfortable. Yet secretly they are buying lottery tickets and involving themselves in get rich quick schemes . They are constantly looking for how to make money secretly , while publicly proclaim that being rich is of evil tendencies.

The thinking seems to be that it is wrong to be rich, but if you happen to stumble upon wealth or God blesses you with it, then that’s okay: you’re just one lucky guy.

      Activate your desire to be rich
You should desire to be rich and have the faith and courage to know that you can be rich because becoming rich is a necessity for all those who want to live life to its fullest.

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“There is nothing wrong in wanting to get rich. The desire for riches is really the desire for a richer, fuller, and more abundant life; and that desire is praise worthy.

The man who does not desire to live more abundantly is abnormal, and so the man who does not desire to have money enough to buy all he wants is abnormal,” according to Wattle.

    Riches are created in your mind
Your thoughts are the building blocks of your life and therefore they must be in harmony with what you intend to build. If you desire riches, you cannot hold the thought that it’s wrong or shameful to be rich. That contradiction between your thoughts and your actions in itself will prevent you from getting rich, no matter how much action and effort you put into trying to get rich. There are laws at work in the universe that you must adhere to.

The spiritual law of cause and effect dictates that what you deeply think about and accept you ultimately get. Your actions are important, but they are secondary.

Planting and watering a apple whilst you think about harvesting a orange will be the highest level of insanity. So working diligently towards riches, when you have planted the seed of poverty and lack in your mind will always produce poverty and lack.

         There are no limitations
Have it settled in your mind that becoming rich is a necessity for you. There are enough resources and opportunities for you .

Know that there will always be enough money waiting for you out there. The world will not run out of resources on you. Get rid of the idea that in order for you to have more someone must have less. There is more than enough to go around. Get rid of the idea that there are external factors, such as the government, inflation and taxes that will prevent you from getting rich.

How are others making it under the same conditions? The environment has nothing to do with it. Get rid of the idea that God is pleased with poverty and lack. How can he be? He is the creator of everything and the richest being in the whole universe. Get rid of the idea that you are in the wrong profession to get rich. There are poor doctors and wealthy doctors in the same cities.

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Profession has nothing to do with it. It all has to do with your thoughts and the follow-up to those thoughts, which is your actions. Anyone can be wealthy if they know this truth and desire riches enough to act on it. The rich are so because they do things a certain way. The poor are so because they do not do the things that the wealthy do.

No man can fully express himself or find fulfillment in life if he is in lack. As the book of Proverbs says “the destruction of the poor is their poverty,” but “the rich man’s wealth is his strong city.” Money answers all things and is the key to taking hold of opportunity and progressing in life. These further explains why becoming rich is a necessity.

Don’t be ashamed of being wealthy. Understand the fact that becoming rich  is a way of finding how best fully express the richness of nature.

Consider the words of Paul to the Corinthians: “For ye know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that, though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, that ye through his poverty might be rich.” Come out from your shell and give more expression to the abundance of nature by realising that becoming rich is a necessity for all.

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