Starting your own business is the greatest decision that would br

ng the best out of you. 

Starting your own business
Every morning, millions of people over the world leave their families daily in search of a means of livelihood. This has become a necessary evil for many because, deep down their heart they wouldn’t love their lives to be dictated by someone. Sometimes we are made to believe that it’s the only way out.
Once paycheck is received at the end of the month , we feel relieved , only for a short while. Towards the middle of the next month , the waiting start all over . We have to endure for the rest of the month.

This has become the reality millions of people are faced with. We have been made slaves to our salaries .  Rather than making our lives better , making a living through our jobs have made us miserable.

Who are you working for? 

If you ask many people what are they working for ? The answer in most instance is to make a living. They think that they are working for themselves.

The fact is that you are employed to make someone else rich , while you remain poor. When you work for an organization , you are helping to create value through the fulfilment of the goals of the organization , thereby making shareholders more wealthy. When you have been sucked dry , you are being replaced by another person who continues from where you stopped.

As long as you continue to work for someone, you will continue to struggle to meet up with your needs and also live a more enriched life.

Many people have been  made to  think that when the goals of the organization is achievement, our personal goals are taken care of.  Thereby making our thoughts and ideals to be replaced by that of our organization.

Unfortunately, our educational system has not help in making us independent. Rather than going to school to learn how to create businesses , we went to learn how to work for someone else rather than for ourselves.

When you work for someone else, you help them achieve their goals , while yours will remain undone . It does not matter how large your salary my be. The fact is that you can not make more money than the owner of the business.

For you to be rich and successful, you must start nursing the idea of starting a business and enjoy some level of freedom to advance your own cause.

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Also it would be important to note that there is nothing wrong with working for someone else . Working for someone should not be an end in itself, rather it should be a means to an end. Poor people work for others in order to earn a living ,  why rich and successful people work for someone else so as to lay a proper foundation of starting their own business.

Why you need to work for someone

For you to be rich and successful,  you must work for the following reasons.

Firstly,you need to work so as to acquire practical skills and knowledge that would enhance your capacity to understand how to start a business.

 Starting any business is not an easy task. Working for someone gives you the rare privilege to learn how businesses are being managed on a routine bases. The knowledge gained ultimately equip you mentally to venture into your own business and also see new business opportunities within a business. 

Secondly, working for someone should be a temporary means of meeting up with your basic needs while pursuing your purpose. Everything worthwhile takes time to build and become self sustaining and profitable. During the infancy of your business, your need a back up income to provide for your basic necessities.

Thirdly, working for generating se is an avenue of raise part of the needed funds to start your business.Some of the money you earn while working should be used to enhance your financial independence.. You must learn to save and invest part of your income in order to be free from what Robert Kiyosaki called the Rat Race.  

Finally, never be tempted to live live on luxury. Everyone wants an expensive car or house . But it should wait until you build a strong financial base . Make sure you get those luxury as a means of saying congratulations to yourself for a good job  The employee mentality is what makes many of us slaves for the rest of our lives. We must stop minding other people business and start minding our own business.

Paul the apostle once said that ” you study to be quiet , and to do your own business, and to work with your own hands , as we commanded you…that you may have lack of nothing “. This statement was made thousands of years ago ,  but it’s much more relevant today. 

You need to start minding your own business by starting your business. There are many wonderful business ideas  that you can apply in order to create massive wealth . Never allow someone to make you lose track of your vision. Never be too busy making a living that you forget to live your life to it fullest. Remembered, you can live a much more fulfilling life if you only mind your business. 

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