To quit at the right time is a skill that has been developed by successful people. 

When These 6 Things Happens You Have To QuitBeing successful sometimes involves knowing exactly when to quit. The best decision you can make sometimes is to quit rather than holding on. 

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This in no way justify the fact that you should quit after your first try, but quitting in this sense have to do with the clarification of somethings in your life. 

Whether you set a plan to start your business in five years time or to go go for you dream vacation, there are times when quitting becomes the right decision to make.

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Here are the 5 things that shows that it’s really time for you to quit. When you experience these things, then you have to quit and move on with life. 

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1. When your goals becomes outdated . 

Change has become a major threat to almost every aspect of our lives. The  formula for success yesterday may lead to failure today. 

This makes it imperative for we to move with the tide of change or we may be left behind as a result of not changing. 

When your goals are no longer moving with the reality of the present, then you have to make adjustment to accommodate current realizes. 

2. When your goals have changed. 

Also , as we move on in life, we come to realize that we’ve outgrown our existing goals. Your capacity to achieve more in life is exposed. 

At this point , it is important to quit your existing goals and go for a more challenging one. 

3. When your values are compromised. 

Successful people are known for building their lives around values and principles. And these values are being followed religiously. 

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If what you do at present violates your values , then you have to quit and move on , because yours are what defines your identity and for you not to loss such identity , you have to protect your values. 

4. When the reward isn’t worth the effort. 

You should ask yourself whether the reward is worth the effort required to achieve your goals.You have  to give up when the end goal doesn’t justify the time or energy it takes to achieve it and channel such energies to more productive activities. 

5. When you’ve dug themselves into a hole.

The only thing worse than being on a sinking ship is staying on board until it’s completely sunk. Be fast to acknowledge when things aren’t going well and be willing to walk away before things get worse.

Whether you’ve invested a lot of money in a business that isn’t profitable, or you’ve devoted endless hours to a project that no longer seems viable, it can be tempting to keep going. But saying “I’ve invested this much–I might as well keep going” doesn’t make much sense. Know when to cut your losses and walk away.

5. When the cost outweighs the benefit.

You have to calculate the risk associated with reaching your goals. They monitor the costs and they’re willing to step away when the cost outweighs the benefit.

Quitting your goals shouldn’t be a decision you take lightly, nor one that you make out of haste. Feeling tired, frustrated, or disappointed doesn’t mean you should give up.

Make the decision with a careful balance of your emotion and your logic. Take time to consider the pros and the cons of continuing versus the pros and the cons of quitting.

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