Habits of Highly Intuitive People

10 super habits all intuitive people have in common 

Steve Jobs once said that intuition is more powerful than intellect. As it turns out, Jobs was onto something, and the scientific community backs him up. It seems that we’ve been giving intuition far too little respect.

Also, in a Salk Institute study, participants were asked to play a card game where they pulled cards from two different decks. The decks were rigged so that one would “win” more often than the other, but the participants didn’t know that — at least, not overtly. It took about 50 cards for participants to consciously realize that the decks were different and about 80 to figure out what that difference was. 

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However, what was really interesting was that it only took about 10 cards for their palms to start sweating slightly every time they reached for a card from the “losing” deck. It was about that same time that they started subconsciously favoring the “winning” deck.While that’s all very interesting in a clinical setting, you have to ask yourself if it holds true in real life. 

Apparently, it does. When it comes to making major decisions, your intuition can matter just as much as your intellect.Intuition comes from the primitive brain; it’s an artifact of the early days of man when the brain’s ability to detect hidden dangers ensured our survival. 

These days, we use this capability so little that we don’t know how to listen to it properly.Whether you listen to it or not, your intuition is healthy and functioning. If you want to make better decisions in life, you’d do well to brush up on your intuition skills. You can start by emulating some of the habits of highly intuitive people.

1. They listen to their inner voice. 

One of the primary reasons that some people are more intuitive than others is that they actually listen to their gut feeling instead of dismissing or doubting it. And that doesn’t mean that they ignore their analytical mind and their critical thinking skills; there’s a difference between using reason as a system of checks and balances and using it to talk yourself out of what your intuition knows to be true.

2. They practice mindfulness. 

Mindfulness” sounds even more New-Agey than trusting your intuition, but it’s really just a fancy term for focusing on being in the moment. Mindfulness is a great technique to filter out all of the distractions in your environment — and your brain. When you do that, you can hear your intuition loud and clear.

3. They enjoy quiet time alone. 

According to Sophy Burnham, bestselling author of the book “The Art of Intuition,” intuitive people are often classified as introverts.

Because introverts draw energy mostly from themselves and their creativity, they tend to go within more, cultivating a close relationship with their intuitive sense. However, even extroverts can enjoy solitude; either way, time alone allows you to tap into that all-knowing, universal energy trying to steer you in the right direction.

Highly intuitive people don’t get bored or feel lonely in their own company; they actually relish it and look forward to getting reconnected to themselves and the universe.

4. They stay clear of negative emotions. 

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You know that your intuition becomes stifled by clinging to anger, sadness, grief, or frustration, so you observe your feelings and let them slide off your shoulders without becoming attached to them. To keep the doors to your innermost voice open, you constantly assess your feelings and do away with any that inhibit you from remaining conscious of your highest self.

5. They have a deep connection with others. 

Highly intuitive people love with every fiber of their being. Whether you’re a friend, a family member or a lover, they realise how important it is to connect on a deep level. After all, this is the only way to truly know someone. Both a positive and a negative of these connections is that they can also feel the pain of those they’re close to. Not literally of course, but they care deeply when someone is hurting emotionally. If an intuitive person ever says “I know how you feel”, they probably truly do.

6. They believe in the power of their dreams. 

Highly intuitive people know that truth can be found not only in the physical world, but also in their own dreams. They’re aware that their brains use their sleeping state in order to work out problems and present solutions and pathways for the dreamer. Those who are the most aware of this generally become quite good at interpreting their own dreams and acting accordingly.

7. They are highly observant about things around them. 

Part of being intuitive is simply being good at observing the world around you and then interpreting that information to find more subtle meanings. Intuitive people realise that being observant is imperative in order to find truth in people and the world in general. A small look or shift in body language, or a seemingly throw away comment, can be more important than what you may think.

8. They nurture their creativity. 

It can be easy to ignore or push down your creativity in order to be more practical. Quite frankly, pursuing creative interests and fields can be scary, and they’re certainly the roads less travelled. However, intutive people know that if they have that creative calling it’s important to let it flourish. Ignoring this urge can lead to a lifetime of unhappiness and feeling unfulfilled.

9. They know when to take rest . 

Intuition can’t do its work if you become so busy that you have no time to acknowledge your inner voice. Highly intuitive people know that peace and quiet are essential for getting in touch with their intuition, and create enough down time each day to decompress and reawaken their internal guidance.

10. They are in tune with their bodies. 

Highly intuitive people tend to be in tune with their bodies more and are aware if something is wrong. It’s for this reason that many will turn to spiritual exercises because these pursuits teach them how to be even more sensitive to their body’s needs.


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