What is it that really matters the most in our life? 

What  Really Matters Most In Life In Life ? After you might have finished your stay and you are ready to take your last breath on earth and you look back at your life, you would realize that few things matters. 

However, those few things that do matters are things that would touch your soul and only you would know whether you have truly love, live and do the very best that you could with your time on this planet . 

Many people would leave this planet without a trace. They would later on realized that  they existed without truly living. 

I don’t know it all but I know that to have loved, to truly have experienced the deepest and most beautiful sensation of love within your soul and throughout your being and to share that on every level with those you come into contact with throughout your life truly does matters. 

In order give your best to life and live it to the fullest, you must  follow your heart and go on the most beautiful and amazing adventure that absolutely matters to you , because that is where we find our true selves and our true purpose.

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    When that moment comes for you to finally take your last breath , you should be vindicated that you gave life your best shots and played the game of life to your highest level and didn’t leave a stone unturned in your pursuit of happiness, success, love, contribution, fulfilment and greatness!

    So today, I want you to put things into perspective and reflect on what it is that truly matters and stop allowing the small stuff to get in the way of what matters most to you and your happiness.

    Life is too short and precious, therefore you must give every minutes your best. Do the big things. Do what moves your soul. And do it now before it becomes too late.

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    Make everyday count. Today is all you have. Think of all those things that are of value to you. Give your best to the world and your generation. 

    Remember, whatever void you create can never be filled by anyone except YOU. You are the architect of your own destiny. 

    Life is indeed too short for it to be wasted on frivolities. Your impact is what really matters. Many souls are looking up to you for so as to activate their smiles. 

    Finally, you must remember that the greatest betrayal is to live without any impact. Failure to leave this planet without making it better than you met it is a crime against humanity and your creator. The choice is yours to make. 

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