Amazing bedtime habits that’s shared among most successful people

Bedtime habits
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Achieving great accomplishments on a regular basis requires that you build a set of habits around the things that make you successful. When you distill the success of elite entrepreneurs, or any elite performer for that matter, you realize just how much they rely on their habits for their success.

The evening is one of the best times to create habits that yield sustainable success. More specifically, the things you do before bedtime will have a direct impact on your next day. If you want to win the day, you need to win the night before.

Here are five big bedtime habits that most successful people use on a regular basis to optimize their performance and build a healthy mindset.

1. Plan your day ahead.

This is obvious, yet crucial. You should have a good idea of what your next day looks like before you turn off the lights. Take the time to schedule and optimize your day, isolating the most important objectives so you can ensure they get done.

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2. Visualize your success.
Bedtime is a perfect time to close your eyes and meditate on your goals and intentions. This is something if done will ensure great success in your life.

Before going to bed, ensure you engage in quick meditation in which where you visualize your goals coming true. Tap into the feeling you would have in that moment, and feel it in the present moment. The things you focus on continue to show up in your life. Whatever the minds eye can see it can also achieve.

3. Keep a journal of gratitude.

It’s easy to crawl into bed with negative energy from the day. The truth is that negative thinking leads to the worry and anxiety that keeps you from falling asleep.
The antidote is to write in a gratitude journal at bedtime. Write down things for which you are grateful – either from the day or in general. Soon you’ll see that you feel more at peace before bed, and during the day, you’ll start to see the world through a lens of positivity. A gratitude journal has been one of the most powerful habits I’ve ever adopted.

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4. Feed your mind with empowering words.

What your dominants thoughts are before going to bed has so much influence on how you spend the next day. So it’s expected that you decide your feelings and mood in advance. This can be achieved by reading books or listening to uplifting or inspiring audio recordings at bedtime.

5. Switch off your phones .
Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, says when at home, she turns off her phone at night, adding: “so I won’t get woken up.”Researchers agree that any type of screen time before bed does you more harm than good.
Richard Wiseman, author of Night School: Wakeup to the power of Sleep, says “Ten minutes of a smart phone in front of your nose is about the equivalent of an hour long walk in bright daylight. Imagine going for an hour long walk in bright daylight and then thinking ‘Now I’ll get some sleep.’ It ain’t going to happen.” The blue light from your phone mimics the brightness of the sun, telling your brain to stop producing melatonin, which regulates your circadian rhythm, leading to poorer sleep, but also vision problems and even depression.

These routine bedtime habits are useful mental tools that help us create sustainable success. Pay attention to the things you’re doing at night and question whether or not they are conducive to your success. If they aren’t, replace them with one of the habits on this list. The more you maximize your evenings, the more you’ll find your days to be successful.

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