5 Brain Hacks That Can Enhance Your Creativity

We are living in a time of constant changes and complexities . A time were the formula for yesterday success is no longer applicable for tomorrow.

As an entrepreneur , you need new ideas if your company is to succeed. Yet every time you try to come up with a new idea, all you get is a slight variation on something that’s been done before.

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Fortunately, we can get out of the rut and recapture some of our childlike creativity, if we’re willing to change our thought patterns, he says.

Here are practical techniques that can enhance your creativity. 

1. Try new things.

“Put yourself in new situations where you have to struggle to understand or find solid ground. This could be learning to play a musical instrument or studying a new language–both of which are proven to boost brain function. Or you could take a bold step towards moving to a new community, or changing careers.

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Any of these will force you to start thinking outside your familiar patterns. “Balance the stress of facing new challenges with the confidence that you can succeed. 

2. Get comfortable with failure.

One benefit of trying new things is that it gives you new opportunities to fail–and to become more resilient about failing. “When you fail , do feel bad about it , but see it as an opportunity for growth.

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Understand that failures occur because something doesn’t work the way we expected, but our expectations can adapt.” If you take failure as a chance to learn what does and doesn’t work, it can become a step on the way to success.

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3. Always have an open mind. 

Try to approach new situations with childlike inquisitiveness. Expose yourself to new types of people, ideas, or challenges and give yourself room to take it all in before forming an opinion. Innovations emerge from new perspectives.”

4. Get out of your comfort zone.
Learning a new language or taking up an instrument (or studying improv) are ways to force yourself outside of your comfort zone away from your job.

But look for ways to get uncomfortable on the job as well. “Once we achieve a level of expertise within a field, we tend to relax into a comfort zone.

When a challenge or desire pulls you outside that zone, you’re more likely to innovate. Variations from typical behavior can generate surprising new ideas. Expand your creativity by entertaining wild, unconventional thoughts.

Think of it as inviting your court jester to pour out whatever outlandish ideas come to mind.

5. Separate yourself from your work. 

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Creativity often feels as though it blossoms out of nowhere. Awesome ideas make sudden appearances when you’re in the shower or on a walk or staring at a sunset, but only occasionally when you’re at your desk or easel, in your lab or studio.

Creativity emerges from the balance of intense focus on the challenge at hand and relaxed defocus.”

So spend some time away from focusing on your work, and see what ideas come to you. “Let your ideas flow, even if they wind up unworkable or off target. 

Something could bubble up that takes you in a whole new direction. “Absurd ideas in one context may turn out to be pure genius in another.”

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