Successful people

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Success in any endeavor involves doing certain things in a certain way. For you to be successful , you must be commtted to what successful people ( Those who  who have achieved what we want in life) are constantly doing .

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One amazing secret of success is that it can be achieved by analysing the life of successful people in order to understand the  cause of their success. Life is too short , therefore it may become difficult for you to learn many lessons from your own experience.
Therefore, it become necessary to learn from successful people and duplicate their success formula.
Successful people have some sets of amazing qualities in common.Knowing and also having this qualities is a critical determinant of your success.
Here are the top qualities of successful people all through history .

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              Qualities of successful people

1. Passion

No matter their area of expertise, all successful people are passionate about what they do. It’s important that we follow our passions. Passion is the key to success, according to David Lucatch, founder and CEO of Yappn Corp., a real-time translation service.
“The people I have seen achieve the greatest success in their professional and personal lives are passionate people that lead, support, and mentor others with that ‘zeal and zest’ for the work and people,” he explains further.
The passion of David Lucatch can be seen from his achievements “Yappn Corp”
He has always been passionate about technology. So, when he saw the need for brands to have access to affordable and accurate real-time language translation, he found a solution and launched Yappn.
For you to be successful and live life to its fullest, you must activate your  passion.Remember , Life is 10 percent what you experience and 90 percent how you respond to it.

2. Vision

The greatest gift God ever gave man is not the gift of sight but the gift of vision,” Dr. Munroe says.Sight is a function of the eyes, but vision is a function of the heart. Successful people are driven by their vision rather than sight. That means they are not led by what they  see.Vision is a source of hope; it’s the source of courage; it’s the source of perseverance in the midst of difficulty. Successful people are not led by their sight , but by their vision to make breakthrough and new discoveries. To have vision is to venture into the sacred intelligence of nature.

3. Teachable

Successful people are always open to learning at all times. They are constantly looking for ways to enrich their knowledge bank. They invest heavily in their education through acquisition of books , attending seminars and conferences, all in a bid to to update their knowledge. All successful people have a high willingness to learn and also a willingness to accept change.

4. Strong Network

Having a strong network is a significant quality shared among successful people . A network involves group of people with shared values and orientation about what is most important to them. Successful people strengthen their network by building trust and relationships with like minded groups or individuals.The level of your success in many instance would be determined by the strength of your network.
Therefore, the quality of your net worth would be determined to a great extent by the quality of your network.

5. Communication

Communication skill is an essential ingredient for success in any endevour.Communication is not just limited to what is being said , but the manner in which it was said . Highly successful people are great commucators . They seek to understand in order to be understood. They practice both verbal and non verbal communication skill in their daily routines. 

6. Courage

Courage is the ability to move forward in the face of uncertainty  and challenges. Fear is something everyone experience, but successful people confront their fears rather than allow their fears  control them. The ability to confront your fear is the mark of  superior people. If you have high ambition and you decide to be at the top, and you can confront your fears and do the things that are holding you back, your success will be guaranteed.



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