These practical guide can boost your blog traffic. 

How to attract people to your blogThere are some important things that if properly done, your blog would grow faster and people would keep coming. Having a successful blog does not mean that you must be a guru in programming. It is something that can be simple and straight forward than you could ever imagined.

When I started blogging, i was clueless about what to do. I thought blogging was all about writing and posting anything. Little did I know there was a lot than that. Finally, I came to realize that every successful blog had some qualities in common that made people to keep visiting.

Here are somethings you can do easily to make your blog attract more visitors and also retain existing visitors.

1. Have a clean design

Your site should make your visitors access what they need easily. They should find it easy to share, read and navigate through your blog with ease. Also, they should be able to to understand  where to find more about you and more of your posts. Whether you are on blogger or wordpress, the rule remains the same.  

2. Easy  follow links 

The fact is that if you don’t tell people to follow you, they would hardly follow. You need to create the most important ways in which you want people to follow you , and it should be easy. For instance I want people to follow me on Twitter  and also to like my page on Facebook .

3. Quality content 

The success of your site would in a great measure be determined by the quality of your posts. It’s better to post less , but great posts,  than to fill your blog with unnecessary trash. Always put yourself in the position of your audience and ask: would I read this post or be a regular visitor to this blog?

4. Write for your audience

Remember, you are not writing for yourself, therefore you must constantly write to please your audience. Make research to know what your visitors want and create posts to satisfy there needs.

5. Contact page

Create a Contact us page that would make your audience reach you as easy, fast as possible. That could have both your personal and your blog contact information.

6. About page

Your audience should know what unique needs your blog is out to satisfy. Tell your visitors what you blog about and why you decided to go into blogging. People would trust you more when they have information about you and the problems you are ready to solve .

7. Your posts title should your be attractive

If your posts title sucks , people would never click on your posts, unless by mistake. Ironically, we all do it, why then do you think others won’t? No matter how great your blog posts may be,  it won’t attract visitors, if the titles are faulty.

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8. Use relevant images

All blog posts should have at least one image that’s clear and relevant to the post  title. It should also, be properly titled so as for search engine to understand what you are writing about.

9. Tell people what to do next

After reading a great post on your blog, what should I do next? Visitors love being reminded to like , comment and share a post. Therefore don’t fail to them to do exactly that. Also it is advised that you link your posts so as for your audience to stay longer on your blog.

10. The bottom line

The bottom line is that, you should identify a need and give a creative solution. People would just keep following as long as you creative value.

Finally, this post promises to reveal methods to make your blog successful. Hope we fulfilled that promise? Kindly drop your comments and remember to share.


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