Causes of failureEveryone wants to be successful, but only few are willing to pay the price of success. Success comes with a price, so also is failure. We are living in a world of excluded middle. Implying that if you are not paying the price of success, you are definitely paying the price of failure.

If you are still wondering why you are not successful in your chosen endeavour, the following factors may be responsible for your failure. You have to quite this things or you will continue to attract failure into your life.

1. Living base on others opinions.

What other people says about you are merely their own opinions. It has nothing to do with who you really are. You must never allow the opinions and perspectives of others to control your life. Remember, when your attitude is right , those opinions don’t count. You are the master of your life and the captain of your soul.

2. Attitude of procrastination.

This is one chief cause of failure in our life. If you must advance in any endeavor, you must learn to use procrastination to your advantage.

This can be done by putting off only those irrelevant and less productive activities, so as to create room for this more productive activities. Whatever you intend doing, stay committed to it until it is totally completed.

3. Fear of failure.

So long as you are allowing the fear of failure to control your life, you will always remain a failure. It as been said that , what you focus on, you attract into your life.

Learn to master your fears. Everyone have fears, but successful people control their fears rather than allowing it to control them.

See failure as part of the learning process. It is when you fail you will know what would not work. Failure is an adventure of excitement into the threshold of creativity.

4. Not having any goal for your life.

Every successful people have goals and live their life daily around it. Goals are what bridge the gap between were you are and where you intend to be in the future.

If you must succeed then you need to start immediately to set goals in every areas of your life. Avoid the trap of living your life by chance.

5. Complaining about situations and events.

Complaining is a major attitude of failures. They complain about how the economy is not working, how opportunities have been monopolized, etc.

Successful people on the other hand, look for opportunities and if they can’t find any, they create one.

Complaining about situations would not change it. You must take responsibility of creating the future you want.

6. Not deciding what you want.

Deciding what you want is the first step towards achieving any worthwhile endeavor. Indecisiveness is one quality that can guarantee failure.

All successful people are fast in making decisions. While those who failure are slow decision makers.

7. Waiting for things to be perfect.

The fact you have to face is that situations would never be perfect for anything. And every time is always the right time to do anything.

Never wait for time to be right . Any action is better than no action. Move forward and more doors of opportunities would be exposed to you.

8. Dwelling on the past.

The past has gone, the future has not come, all you have is NOW. Living in the past would not change anything. Forget about the mistakes of the past and move on. Live the present as if it is your last. Give it all the possible best you can and exploit all its possibilities.

9. Running from your problems.

Problems are inevitable in our lives. Implying that we all have our various problems and challenges . Your success or failure is determined on how well you are able to manage those problems.

Running from your problems does not make it go away. Successful people face their problems squarely, while failures are unable to handle their problems.

10. Lack of persistence.

Failure will knock at the doors of all those who are not willing to persist. Nothing worthwhile can be achieved on a platter of gold.

You must keep moving towards your goals and aspirations. Temporary defeats are sure to knock at your door. But your ability to keep moving towards your goals is the key to your breakthrough.



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