Becoming more valuable in this era of accelerated change and tremendous competition is critical for your success . 

Becoming valuable
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Job security is a serious concern for many employees in today’s workforce. Knowing that  positions are being outsourced, cut, or revamped, for instance, makes it  difficult to believe that anybody’s job is completely safe, says Rita Friedman, a Philadelphia-based career coach and resume writer. “But in any workplace, you’ll still find people who are absolutely valuable – implying that nothing much would be achieved in their absence.


Your success and advancement in life is measured by how valuable you are. As an employee,you need to make your employer have sleepless nights,when it comes to leting you go.

As a job applicant , you must be ready to convince your would be employer why he needs to create vacancy if none exist. How then do you make yourself valuable?

You must believe in yourself

You must learn to stand up at all times to express your thoughts and opinions about things.If you dont speak,nobody will do it for you.The idea here is thet you must know your worth and never sell yourself short. Build your life around practical values and principles that you must uphold at all times. Know what you want and go for it with all matter confidence.

  • The more valuable you become (in your company), the more influence you have , the better communicator you become, you manage your time better, and you recognize people for their contributions. You also become more valuable as a spouse, parent and friend. – Jim Rohn

Be ready to seek for help

Remember,no man is an island of knowledge.Asking for help does not make you dumb,it only shows how smart you are.A great philosopher once said that wisdom is in your ability to realize how ignoranct you are .Therefore, the more help you ask ,the wiser you become. Also, learn to ask question when in doubt about anything.

Avoid short cuts, but work smart

Success is the result of intelligent effort and does not depend on luck or sharp practices or double-crossing of your fellow men.You dont need to bring anyone down before go up.There is always opportunity for all those who seek for one.You need to harness your creative energies on solving specific problems that would be of value to all.

Give to others what you seek from them. 

Life is an unbiase umpire.You will always get out of it exactly what you put in. Thus, you must start conducting yourself towards others as you wish them to act towards you.Always be ready to give a hand of help to someone who is in need of your service.Then,allow nature to play out the tricks of life.

Never slander those you don’t love

No matter the circumstance or situation you may find yourself, never say something evil againt sombody.If you must slander, dont say it .Write it on the sand close to the river bank.Hope you get the point ? If you dont ,practice it now and see the outcome.

  • Everything in life and business, you only earn more if you become more valuable. Because if you can do more for people than anybody else does, you can prosper. But you can’t do that unless you are constantly educating yourself with the cutting edge. My whole life even when i had no money, i would invest in education.-Tony Robbins

Give your best at all times

No matter what you may see others doing,never you slight your work.Always render the best of services of which you are capable. Be committed to excellence.Sucess is always the result of conscientious and efficient efforts.

Be result oriented

The advice here is that ,work all the time you work.Set clear goals and priorities for yourself.Commit yourself to a task until it is fullycompleted.Be a little early and stay a little late.Always make your work noticable by all.

Win people’s trust in little matters

Never you despise little things, they really count. Your words should always match your actions. When you become faithful in little thing, you will be given charge over greater things.

Carve a niche for yourself

What is that one thing that needs to be done ? What is that that particular skill you can exceptionally display, that evéry one else lacks? Use it to build a fortress and you will be highly treasured

Be committed to life long learning

Learn every day of your life.Attend seminars,workshops,conferences.Read books and listen to audio tapes that are relevant to your field.Build alliance with likeminded people and never allow a day to pass you by without adding something of value to your life.

Be the first to forgive

Remember, your goal is to become valuable. As you work with and around people,you will inevitably be offended and you will in turn offend others. Therefore it becomes necessary to forgive others , because you shall sometimes offend others and also need their forgiveness.
These are the practical methods you can apply to increase your worth in the ever changing workplace. Remember, your value value is a function of the value you create.



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