5 Things You Should Stop Doing To Become More Successful

It is no doubt that being persistent in what you do is a major determinant to your success. 
But the question i want to ask is this: What are you persistent in doing? 

You must understand that when you keep doing wrong things , you will keep getting wrong results and when you keep doing the right things you will in turn get right results. 

There are some major things you should stop doing in your life , if you are to make any major breakthrough in life. 

Here are some selected things you should quit doing so as to achieve more . 

1. Stop doing the same thing and expect different result. 

According to Albert Einstein , insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different result. 

It is so disturbing to realize that many of us are just stucked in this trap. 

Success is an exact science. Success is as certain as mathematics.No matter where you go on earth  , one plus one will always be two.It will be madness to expect getting different result beside two 

So also it is in life. For you to get different result you must be willing to do things differently. 

Success is as simple as this. If you want to be successful, start doing what successful people are doing . 

If you want your life to change , you should start changing things in your life because the present things in your life are responsible for the present results you see. 

So if you want extraordinary results, start doing those ordinary things in an extraordinary manner. 

2. Stop undermining your potentials. 

Many of us are fond of looking down on theirselves. For you to be successful you must have the consciousness that within you is planted the seed of success. 

You must constantly say to yourself that what anyone has done in the past or present, you too can do it. 

The seed of greatness have been planted in everyone of us.You can become whatever you wish to be so long asyou can stand up within yourself and face your challenges. 

3. Stop putting things off. 

You should learn to live everyday as it is your last. Learn to give everyday your best. 

Tomorrow is an illusion and it never becomes a reality. All you have is TODAY  and you must learn to give it all your best. 

You must stop the habit of putting things off till things are right or perfect. The fact is that everyday is the right time to do anything. Therefore stop waiting for the right time. 

4. You should stop waiting for things to change. 

We think that things will one day change for the better. We expect the economy to be better. We want everything to be perfect before we  want to come out of our shells. 

What i want to tell you is that you are the the one that in most instance needs to change. 

Whatever you want from life, go out and fight for it. Give up your sleep for it. Work day and night for it. Knowing fully well that with the help of God you will get it. 

5. Stop bothering yourself about what people think about you. 

What would my friends say? What would my family say? What would my coworkers say? All these are failure thinking. 

You must stand up for yourself and express your own opinions about who you are and what you stand for. 

According to Les Brown you don’t have to allow the opinions of orders to disempower you. 

What people say about you is none of your business. It’s what you say about yourself that really matters in the long run. 



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