Hardwork is an essential quality almost all successful people have in common. 


It has become a popular norm among many that being successful entails having exceptional and extraordinary talents.
Some people go as far as saying that success is about being lucky.

Contrary to popular opinions, history has it that almost all successful people worked so hard in order to achieve the level of success they are enjoying.

From athletes like Michael Jordan to executives like   Howard Schultz all understand the benefits of hardwork. These people are known for waking up early and start immediately to work towards their goals, while others are still asleep.

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    We shall be looking at some renowned successful people and how they went about achieving success in their lives.

    1. Howard Schultz 

    Starbucks  CEO Howard Schultz run a very tight schedule that one would wonder if he is a frequent  of his company’s products to maintain success level of efficiency.  Since he returned to turn around the furtune of the company , he  goes to office as early as 6 in the morning and stay until 7 in the evening.

    According to him ” long after others have stopped to rest and recover, I’m still running, chasing after something nobody else could ever see. This has made him grow the coffeemaker to include more than 25, 000 stores in 65 countries.

    Schultz has been talking to employees even late at night from home. Also, he is found in the office on Sundays reading emails from his thousands of employees.

    2. Mark Cuban 

    Mark is an American entrepreneur and owner of “Mavericks”. Taking a first glance at his success , it may seems as a a stroke of luck. He sold his first company at the peak of its value , and got into technology stocks.

    Mark Cuban writes on his blog that it  took an incredible amount of hardwork  to benefit from his luck. When he was building is first company, he normally stayed up as late as two in the morning reading about new software, and he also went seven years without a vacation.

    3. Tim Cook

    Tim Cook  was actually left with incredibly big shoes  by Steve Jobs. Because of his workaholic nature, he got the top job. Fortune reports the he he starts sending emails as early as 4:30 in the morning .

    Also, a profile in Gawker reveals that he’s the first in the office and the last to leave. He usually conduct staff meetings on Sundays so as to prepare for Monday.

    4. Ryan Seacrest

    Ryan Seacrest  is popularly known for hosting ” American Idol. He told  The New York Times that even as a young child, his goal was to be a “classic icis highly motivated towards that goal by his level of hardwork.

    In addition to hosting American Idol , he appears 7 days a week on E!, hosts a daily radio show from 5 to 10 A.M., appears on the Today Show , runs a television production company, and recently received $300 million in private equity funding to acquire more businesses.

    5. Carlos Ghosn 

    Carlos Ghosn runs two of the world’s largest automakers, which should tell you the level of his hardwork. A profile in forbes describes how he works more than 65 hours a week , spends 48 hours a month in the air and flies more than 150, 000 miles a year.

    His turnaround of Nissan is the subject of many case studies . Within a month he deployed a system that completely changed ingrained practices, helping save a company many thought irredeemable.

    6. Li Ka-Shing

    He is one of he richest men in Asia and a dominant figure in Hong Kong’s economy . Li Ka-Shing  started outworking everybody as a teenager en route to building a $21 billion empire.

    He left school at the age of 15 to work  in a plastic factory. He told Forbes how he quickly became a salesman, outsold everybody else ,  and became the factory’s general manager by 19. In 1950 , he started his own business and did almost everything, including the accounting works.

    7. Maria Das Gracas Silva Foser

    Maria Silva heads Brazilian oil Giant Petrobras . She spent her childhood in a favela collecting cans to pay are school fees. She thereafter  started as an intern in 1978 , but quickly became the company’s first female head of field engineering.

    Also it was reported by Bloomberg that her tireless work ethics has earned her the nickname “Caveirao”, for the armoured vehicles police use to clean up crime ridden Brazilian neighborhood.

    8. Marissa Mayer 

    Marissa Mayer is well known for her extraordinary stamina and hardwork. She used to put in about 130 hours in Google, and  she also said that she managed  her work schedule by sleeping under her desk and being strategic about her showers.

    9. Jamie Dimon

    Jamie Dimon has been one of the most successful bankers of the past few decades , though tarnished lately by the London Whale sandal.

    It was revealed by New York Times that he spends his weekends working through piles of reading and putting together a lists of questions with which to grill employees on Monday.  Fortune also reports that he spends his life almost entirely on work and family.  

    10. Indra Nooyi 

    She is  regarded as one of the most powerful and well known women in business. Indra Nooyi worked all through the night as a receptionist to earn money while getting her masters at Yale.

    In an interview, she described coming to work everyday at 7 in the morning, and rarely leaves before 8 in the evening, taking bags of mails to read over night, and evening wishing there are 35 hours a day in order to do more.




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