​These tricks would help you become mire productive even when you don’t feel like. 

4 Tricks That Will Make You Productive Even When You Don't Feel Like

Being an entrepreneur is not in any way easy. You have to work hard daily on most important tasks. That’s why it is adviced to work hard on things you are passionate about. But that in no way makes things easy.

Sometimes you just don’t want to do it. Some days, staying in bed sounds so much better than getting up and hustling. I get that. We all have those days.


Here are the top five tricks you can  use to get your  productivity up even when you don’t feel like.

1. You can quit after doing one important thing.

Sometimes the hardest part of being productive is getting started. Once the satisfaction of finishing something, especially something important, kicks in, taking on the next task and the one after that is much easier.

So, pick something important and tell yourself you can quit after finishing that one important thing. You probably won’t because you’ll feel so pleased with yourself for doing something so important, you’ll want that productivity “high” again.

2. Start your day with a fun filled task. 

When you’re dreading the hard work you have to do, do something fun first in order to ease into work and to have something, initially, that you look forward to. To become productive,  alternate your“boring/hard” tasks with ones you find fun or easy.

3. Get up and move around. 

Movement is energizing, and studies show that walking increases creativity and helps you think. It’s easy to feel tired and unmotivated when you’ve been sitting for too long.


Get up and move around, ideally outside in the fresh air. You can spend your time thinking about the work you need to do or let your mind wander. Either way, the exercise will help.

4. Write a note to yourself or someone who inspires.

This sounds corny, I know, but give it a try before you dismiss it as silly. Occasionally, all you need is a reminder why you’re doing what you’re doing. Everything on your plate has a purpose, whether it’s building your brand, or finding clients or servicing those clients.

So . . . back to the note. You can use it to talk about your dreams or envision where you’ll be in six months, a year or five years, if you do the grunt work now.

One reason people fail to achieve their dreams is that they lose sight of those dreams amid the daily grind. They’re not seeing the forest — for the trees.

If you remind yourself of the bird’s-eye view, you will  see beyond the dreaded task at hand . This in turn will make you more productive and energies you to move on.

Credit: Entrepreneur



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