Every employer is on the lookout for some qualities in prospective employees. Your ability to know and cultivate such traits is the beginning of your career success. 

Traits that can help you land your dream jobTraits that can help you land any job. 

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Employers are constantly looking for different qualities in job candidates.The personality traits of a candidate has so a huge role to play in getting a job. 

These traits they’re seeking may be determined by the role they are trying to fill, the company they work for, the industry they’re in ,  or just personal preference.

But there are  certain set of characteristics or traits that almost all employers find appealing.

“Employers can usually find job applicants with sufficient technical skills — or at least the capacity to acquire them. But you can’t teach, for example,traits like honesty or character,” says Lynn Taylor, a national workplace expert and the author of “Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant: How to Manage Childish Boss Behavior and Thrive in Your Job.

So to really impress any employer and land a job, you’ll need to show that you possess at least most of the following traits:

1. Trustworthiness. 

For you to attract any employer, you must be trusted,reliable and honest. “These are three cornerstones of good character,” Taylor says. “You can tell a hiring manager that you are these things, but your demeanor and the conversation will be far more credible. They are critical because trust is at the core of any sustainable relationship.” For you to win the heart of any employer, you must show in not only your words , but also in the way you act that you can be trusted in issues of critical importance. 

2. Enthusiastism. 

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If you can’t get excited about the company in the interview, then how motivated can you be once on board?

“This is standard thinking among hiring managers,” she says. “My best hires, without exception, have always been those who are genuinely eager, energetic, and upbeat.”

Taylor says it can help to keep in mind a personal phrase that keeps you on your game, such as, “Be amazing!” “I’ll crush this!” or “I love this job!”

“This doesn’t mean being giddy, but looking as if your cat died won’t help you, either.”You must show a Burning Desire For Success in your job. 

3. Emotional Intelligence. 

Hiring managers put a lot of weight on your emotional intelligence (EQ), and rightly so.

“Do you know how to calm others and be the voice of reason? Do you tend to understand human nature and bring out the best in people? Are you prone to passive aggressive behavior if an interview gets dicey?” asks Taylor. “EQ isn’t taught in school, yet it’s so valued today. Explaining how you navigate challenges and bring situations under control can be very persuasive.”

4. Results-oriented. 

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It’s one thing to talk about how great your skills are, but another to prove it.

Taylor says you should use examples of how you achieved specific results, for example: “We increased sales 20% in six months,” or “Turnover dropped to 5%,” or, “I led the team that landed the XYZ account.”

5. Intellectual curiosity. 

If you are intellectually curious, then you’re always looking to learn and better yourself — a very appealing trait because it suggests you’re not satisfied with the status quo.

“One way to demonstrate this valued trait is to do your homework on the company and ask poignant questions that illustrate your knowledge and interest in them,” she says.

6. Professionalism. 

Professionalism takes many forms, but erring on the side of conservatism is always your best bet. You can and should be friendly, but don’t act like the interviewer is your wife or husband. Stick to formal and official relationship.

Dress professionally, show up on time, be polite, and stick to appropriate topics of discussion. 

7. Passion . 

Are you driven and inspired or just going through the motions? Hiring managers want to know that you love your work and field, and care about outcomes. “Let them know that you follow the industry closely, and aspire to constantly learn and contribute more,” suggests Taylor.

8. Team player. 

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Interviewers are attracted to team players; those who know it takes more than one person to get the job done, says Taylor.

“Give examples of projects where your collaborative skills were integral your success. Instead of repeating, ‘I did X’ and ‘I was able to,’ consider, ‘I built a program that did XYX, with the help of a strong team.’ Do take credit for your leadership, but also demonstrate that you’re not a solo flyer.”

9. Sense of humor. 

A sense of humor is among traits appealing to most hiring managers because they know that when the chips are down, levity can go a long way, she says.

“You don’t need to take stand up classes, or try out new comedic material. But clever, well-timed humor demonstrates intelligence and that you can put others at ease”. 

10. Organized. 

This is often evaluated on multiple fronts. Are your questions clear and do they follow a logical sequence or conversational flow — or are they all over the map?

“Give examples of how yourorganizational skills shined on various complex projects,” she says. “Managers want their staff to be efficient, find information quickly, and help them do their job.”

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