The kind of habits you develop has a huge role to play in determining the quality of your life.

Habits have huge roles to play , as regards to our drive towards achieving success. Due to our interaction with people, places and events, we have cultivated some negative habits, that if we don’t do away with them, success would become an illusion.

For you to move forward in life , there are some negative habits you must let go. Allowing your life to be determined by these habits is the chief cause of failure.

Here are some habits you must do without if you are serious about being successful in life.

10 habits that can hold you back

1. Comparison.

You must realize that we are all unique creatures. Therefore you shouldn’t compare yourself with anyone else. Set your own standards and work towards achieving it. Move at your own pace. And never be bothered with what anyone else have achieved.

Comparing your achievement with that of others would only create resentment, frustration and anger, which would in turn waste your vital energies that would have been channeled towards other productive ventures.

2. Blaming.

Blaming people about everything and circumstances is the highest level of irresponsibility. Rather than playing the blame game , you should take responsibility for everything that happens in your life.

Focus on finding solutions and practical methods of solving problems. When issues arises, ask questions regarding to how it would be solved, rather than who actually causes it.

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3. Fear of failure.

Fear is one major habit that has limited the potentials of many. As it has been popularly said, it’s a” false evidence appearing real”.

Fear is a deadly monster that must be conquered if you must achieve success in life. The fact is that every one has fear, but the most successful people take control of their fears. Implying that they feel the fear and do what is expected .

4. Complaining.

Complaining about situations and events won’t change anything. People are fond of the habits of complaining about how the economy is not working, how the government has failed, how this or that have not been working to their favour.

Rather than complain about situations and events, you should make it your responsibility to create the future of your choice. Remember, you are responsible for everything that happens in your life.

5. Assumptions .

Many people are guilty of making wrong assumptions about situations . This has in turn made people not to give a try, b just assuming that it won’t work.

A friend of mine once told me that he was in need of a job. And I told him to check online and all he has to say was that they are all scam.

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There is no justification whatsoever that is logical enough to support any assumption. Because when your attitude is right, the facts don’t count . What we think are facts are nothing but people’s opinions.

6. Anger .

Anger is dangerous to every aspects of our personal and corporate life. You should learn to control your anger or it would destroy your life.

The Bible has a lot to say about anger. It tells us that fools give “full vent” to their anger, but wise people keep themselves under control.

It encourages us not to be quickly provoked because anger “resides in the lap of fools.” Proverbs 14:29 teaches us that patient people have great understanding, “but people with tempers show their foolishness” (NCV).

With the tools and knowledge of modern science, we are beginning to see the adverse health effects of anger within the bodies of the “foolish” and “hot-tempered.”

7. Resistance to change.

Change is an inevitable phenomenon in our lives . whether you accept it or not, it still exist. Focusing on maintaining the status quo is the misdirection of our vital energies.

For you to be successful, you must see change as part of life. You have accept it and move with the tide.

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See change as an opportunity to be , do and learn something new. See it as a wake up call to greater possibilities and advancement.

8. Ingratitude.

Being grateful is an indirect way of saying that you need more opportunities for growth and advancement..

Not showing gratitude for what you have and what you are is enough fact to show that you don’t want anything good.

Start immediately to be grateful for all things in life: The friends, family, food, shelter. Etc. When you express gratitude, it would become a debt to nature .

9. Envy and jealousy.

There is no need to envy anyone else. What they have done or achieved, you too have the capacity to achieve same .

Let me reveal something spectacular to you: The fastest way to attract anything into your life, is to appreciate such things in others.

10. Procrastination.

The danger of procrastination to our success cannot be overemphasized. Putting things to later date shows that you are indecisive and therefore, not ready to move ahead.

Learn to make decisions as fast as possible. Whatever you have to do, do it now because today is all you have. Life everyday as if it’s your last and you would get more done within the shortest possible time.

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